The Road End has learned that Franklin Andrews Kramer & Edelstein, a small US company who specialise in "raising businesses' profiles" has been employed by Tom Hicks' legal team in preparation for the impending sale of Liverpool FC. Their brief is to maximise the sale and they have representatives meeting with various interested parties in the Middle East from today onwards.

The firm, notorious in financial circles for illicit ramping on share message boards and massaging accounts to make a saleable business look more profitable, have strong links to the incoming chief executive, Christian Purslow. Franklin's are widely regarded as unscrupulous and unethical, but skirt just this side of legality as seen here.

With the RBS refinance agreed and key personnel tied down to lengthy contracts, including critically the manager Rafael Benitez, the club has now acquired the air of stability required for the Middle Eastern consortium to finally put together a bid for the club. It's worrying that LFC are associated with such a company as Franklin Andrews Kramer & Edelstein, but the company are only usually engaged in the final stages of a sale to maximise the price. With the sale likely to be concluded by the weekend and substantial funds made immediately available for transfers, fans worried about the direction of the club under Hicks and Gillett and the rumours swirling around Alonso, Mascherano and Torres can now sleep easily and look forward to a thrilling summer.

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