Out of this world maybe? Our resident experts and know it alls certainly have a view on this. Their analysis of where we really are placed this season is highlighted in Man Utd’s visit to Anfield.

For years Man Utd have had the better of Raffa, but not this time. It had to happen in the end, with just so much pride being gambled on one game. Disaster if we lost. Delirium if the result went for us. Losing just couldn't be an option in this one important game and 90 minutes was what we had. Elsewhere in the league, Chelsea had made the pace, but a win against our rivals was to announce Liverpool FC as contenders. So, onto victory we went.

With so much to play for it was amazing to see the team handle the pressure so well. It brings great joy to the fans to see us competing against our main rivals. To draw would’ve been a good result, to win was unimaginable after a disappointing start. Here, for once, we stood up after going a goal down and made sure we took the victory.

Knowing that the 3 points gained would really make the rest of the league stand up and notice. It may well proved to be decisive come May next year. Doubters about the ability of the team to pull off such a result proved wrong. Stability for the rest of the season will be key, but we'll all remember the day we started to look like title contenders instead of also rans.

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