After four years the Chelsea supporters are finally in a position to change the stuck record they've been on. Instead of moaning about poor little Luis' goal as never crossing the line they can now go on and on about penalties not being given.

It's amazing that they're never beaten by a better team but always seem to be cheated out of a prize. I'm utterly shocked that they didn't claim that somebody had deliberately tripped up John Terry last season as well. This is the Chelsea captain, he would never simply take a bad penalty or just slip up. It's certain though that nobody has ever beaten them in an honest way. I mean, they had 180 minutes in which to finish of Barcelona, they were already booking their flights. How inconsiderate for the Spanish side to actually spoil the party.

The one question that is on every supporters mind today though is not the penalty decision or even the last minute goal. What we all want to know is how a player can go down when a member of the opposition breathes near him, limp off the pitch injured AND still jump up to attack the ref. Not only that but he managed to have the manager, staff, players and security dragging him back and not once did the bastard fall over.

Well, at least Luis Garcia's moment of brilliance can now be forgotten forever.


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