Andrea Dossena

Begorrah! To be sure! Molann an obair an fear!

It’s official! Lines are now closed for our fabulous “St Patrick’s Day song for Dossena” competition.

Chief Judge Mick Barry said: “The judges had a tough job this year. The standard of entry was very high. I, along with the other judges, was genuinely delighted to see some of the innovative and highly effective songs for Dossena dreamed up by Road End posters from around the world. Some were really world class. But in the end, we all agreed that my own entry was by far and away the best, as I’m sure our readers will be obliged to concede."

Winning entry:
Dossena you're the divil
you're leading me astray
over hills and mountains
and to Amerikay
you're sweeter stronger decenter
you're spunkier than tea
Dossena you're me darling drunk or sober

Mick Barry (c) 2009 All Rights Reserved

Highly commended:
Andrea Dossena's goat
If your name is Andrea Dossena come into the parlour
Low lie the fields of Andrea Dossena
Andrea Dossena are we

Top of the morning to yis all, to be sure, begorrah!

NB For technical reasons connected to our own incompetence, boneidleness and inattentivity to detail, this St Patrick’s Day message will remain on the front page until long after Andrea Dossena leaves the club or Liverpool win the Premiership, whichever is the sooner.


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