It was always set in stone, from the early days of the Premier League only one team were ever in contention for the crown of Special Olympics Football gold. With the Gary 'Spazzo' and Phil 'Mongo' Neville in the side there was only ever going to be one winner.

Not anymore. There has been a seismic shift in just who is the top Special ones in the world now.

Now I proudly present to you............

Argentina: home of that certainly special player.

On football forums, there’s a certain art to posting in match threads. The sane approach is to actually watch or listen to the game, and afterwards sit back for a while and mull things over, then post something reasoned and constructive. The alternative is to take a gamble and post during the game in the hope that subsequent events don’t make you out to be an idiot.

Compare and contrast the following posts made during the 3-2 win over Manchester City. First up is Nigel- also known as Nidgemo. A 30-something, slightly retarded Northern Irish bellend who is banned from most LFC sites for being a slightly retarded bellend, Nigel has rather less insight than our former resident Champion of Being Wrong, Vikram. Ably supported by Carousel, who believes that we got a good deal in Gillet and Hicks, the kneejerks come thick and fast.

Nidgemo (03:46 PM): “Well, that's that game over.”

Mick Jagger (03:41 PM): “Go on Rafa, be bold. Make a sub before 60mins.”

Nidgemo (03:48 PM): “Ha ha.

“Some fucking chance. He'll take Torres off on exactly 60 minutes and replace him with Agger.”

Carousel (03:51 PM): “It's over, we have no game plan for this.

“At 0-1, I knew we would play for the tie... now I expect Rafa to pull Torres and Gerrard off whilst hoisting a white flag.”

Nidgemo (4:14 PM): “What unambitious shite.

“38 minutes left, 2-0 down, on the attack - how many players did we get into the oppositions box for the cross?


PaulC (04:15 PM): “Unambitious? we've been running at them all this half.

“2-1 now with the whole team getting up into attack.”

Nidgemo (04:18 PM): “That was better. We got two men in the box for that cross.

“It's like watching Ardiles spurs all over again.

“I predict a 7-6 win.”

PaulC (04:19 PM): “I know you're anti-Benitez and revel in Liverpool losing, but I did think at one time you knew a thing about football.

“Oh well, just another troll on the pile then, Nidgeram.”

Nidgemo: *snip* Editor’s note- Nigel’s response to this has been removed due to several readers complaining about vomiting their spleens up in sheer, toe-curling embarrassment for him.

PaulC (4:33 PM- Torres has just equalised): “Ha, ha, stick that unambition up your fucking hole.”

Nidgemo: *silence*

Carousel (04:53 PM- Kuyt has just got the winner): “DIRK MOTHER FUCKING KUYT!!!!”


brian-boitano (04:53 PM): “thou ginger beaaaauuuuuuutttttyyy!!!!!!!!!!”


BillyBudd (04:53 PM): “We're gonna win the fucking league.”

Larky (04:54 PM): “UNBELIEVABLE.”

Nidgemo: *silence*

Next up is FinnMacCool. Finn is a 30-something Liverpudlian who gained immortal fame for his half time posts during the 2005 Champion’s League final and has a habit of being right. Finn is worth several billion and is currently banned from all betting shops in the EU.

FinnMacCool (03:45 PM): “Two-nil down doesn't bother a scouser.”

FinnMacCool (04:10 PM):
“We're bound to win now because that was a clear peno and so they've got Dirk Kuyt angry. They won't like him when he's angry.”

So there you have it. Do you think you can be a better pundit than Finn? Maybe you’re completely incapable of critically analyzing a football match without kneejerking like a Parkinson’s victim during a reflex test, and fancy a crack at Nigel’s Brown Crown of Wrongness. Join in the fun and sign up now.

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