So Mr Liverpool Nutter, you're not exactly attractive now, are you. It looks like life has certainly been passing you by. Despite all of this though you've decided to act like an 8 year old.

7 Divorces because of an obsession with Liverpool. I don't think so, they all realised that they had married an ugly looking twat more like. What gets me even more about this is that you decided it would be a good idea that the press covered how much of a dickhead you really are. To quote the great twat himself "We met in September and married in October. In January it ended." Pity we wont get to see the end though.

What's the reason for him not getting married again? Is it because he can now have a civil ceremony in this country? Maybe it's a case that the mail order Thai brides really can't stand him anymore?

The Badgeman, Peter Sampara...This kopite has been making waist coats (that's girl's work) and sticking decorations to them for as long as he's been trying to get on telly. Now sky may like it, and the tools that drink in the park and the albert, singing the chorus to FOAR might like it, but some of us remember the 70s. In my day, you'd have got your fucking head kicked in for that, if i had my way you still would.

Stick your flag waving, LIV ERP Double O L Liverpool FC celebrity fan nonsese up your poop shoot, you terrible cunt. This shite may be alright for portsmouth, but it's not alright for us. There's a reason Anfield doesn't have a mascot, we don't need an unofficial one either, you don't cheer the place up, you make us all look like twats.

I think i might buy myself a fluffy liverbird outfit and learn to jump over cones with a bunch of 20s in my mits. GET FUCKED

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