We never thought it would happen but somebody was bound to step up as a candidate in the end.

Jim the Downer, Apocalypse Jim or Total Twat, it's up to you how you put it. How did you think you could get away with posting up a picture on the Roadend where you were wearing a real fan shirt? You've bought shame on the whole of the Roadend and left us with no choice but to put you up for all to see. You are the Roadends first official entry in Twat Watch.

If wearing the shirt wasn't enough you took it one step further, you had the audacity to try the old favourite. You expected us all to fall for the oldest fucking trick in the book; "My wife was posting using my account". Fuck off, have you looked at yourself in the mirror. If you've got a wife (it's pushing the boundaries of what is believable) then she certainly isn't wasting time posting on this shit hole. No, she's currently on Old-Friends-I-Shouldn't-Have-Dumped.com just hoping somebody will save her from this living hell and do the work that you're obviously not up to.

He would've got away with it if you were still on the official site, but not on here. This Twat Watch it just for you. Although I expect to see more of this cuntbox on here in the future.

Somebody give him the address for The Corner and save our sanity.

"Oh look there's Badgemen, that world reknowned LFC fan and hero. Let's get our picture taken with him and maybe we'll be regarded as super duper, true, real, bestest LFC fans"

Sorry there buddies, Not on my fuc*ing watch. Colours, scarves and cu*ting santa hats? Get to fuck. The correct procedure would have been to glass that badge wearing pig rapist in the face. you should then have removed each and every badge from his gay little waist coat and decorated the fuc*ers arse with them. Then, and only then would it have been permissible to get a picture taken with him. Unfortunately for pair of gayers you are now world reknowned kno*heads.


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