We still have the replay, surely they're going to replay it. What about 3rd leg on a neutral ground as well, surely we deserve a third leg. They can't expect us to play without Torres or Gerrard on the pitch as well, that just isn't fair.

My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and i finally found out I was. But now i am so sad over the Michael Owen going to Man Utd. I don't even think I can keep a baby in this world of turmoil. My husband says he understands and supports me but I don't think he understands fully. I want to abort. I want to abort right now because Owen has made my life feel so empty. So should I tell my husband this or just abort? I don't want to sound crazy. Will he support me?

Incidentally, what is the best way to abort the life of your son when he's already 3 years old?

Feel free to add your best tips on abortion in the forum.

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